Protecting Property using Plug & Play Ultrasonic Sensors

Angel AI Group

Property Telematics

The Problem

Leaks in properties cost billions of Pounds to Residential & Commercial Landlords, Real Estate Managing Agents, and Insurers and cause great pain to tenants and residents. In the UK alone the payout for “Escape Of Water” (water leak damage) is £2,500,000 daily. Water has become a costly and scarce resource, it needs to be controlled and preserved.

Our Solution

A cost-effective B2B cloud-based managed solution to detect leaks before they become floods. Using proprietary Ultrasonic Clever Sensor Technology, AngelH2o sensors are Non-Intrusive and take minutes to install (A Plug & Play ready to go solution. No professional installation needed). The sensors are fully battery-powered and are maintenance-free for up-to 5 years. The managed system will Trigger real-time ALERTS and deliver the information to monitoring applications to dramatically reduce the cost of leaks.

Intelligent Water Leak Detection
Protecting Property using Plug & Play Ultrasonic Sensors

Our Offering

Business Model

We provide an affordable B2B subscription based solution. Our clients will receive devices ready for plug & play setup. We charge a low monthly support and maintenance fee to monitor devices and forward alerts to the relevant personnel. Our clients have access to a feature-rich dashboard enabling them to view and assess all water connected assets and make critical decisions in real-time.